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maple syrup_article
                                    DELICIOUS, PURE MAPLE SYRUP FROM A LOCAL PRODUCER

     Folks often ask where the best maple syrup comes from. We, of course, think Massachusetts maple sryup is the best. Then again, Vermonters think Vermont syrup is the best, Canadians think Canada syrup is the best... and so forth. What we can say as a fact rather than opinion is that the Massachusetts maple syrup we sell is as good as it comes. This is because our local producer has made syrup that won a gold medal given by a team of very experienced judges. There are many factors that go into a prize-winning maple syrup.

     The weather is one - both the current year and the past year. What side of a hill the sugar maple trees are located is important. The age of the trees counts a lot. How long the sap has to wait before being boiled is very important. The sweetness of the sap is another factor. And let's not forget how caring the producer is.

     It takes a lot of firewood to boil away nearly 50 gallons of watery sap, which is what has to be done to end up withe just one gallon of syrup. That gallon should weigh 11 pounds - more and it'll crystallize, less and it could spoil. It has to be graded, which is done by color. The lighest syrup is Grade A - Light Amber. This is typically produced early in the season, usually in small quantities. Somewhat darker syrup is Grade A - Medium Amber. This grade is the most commonly found in stores. Still darker syrup is Grade A - Dark Amber. Many people prefer the robust flavor of this grade. Grade B is very dark and strong flavored, mostly used for commercial cooking. 

     Making great maple syrup is a difficult job and an exacting science, and few people have the gumption to produce it in wholesale quantities at the highest quality. We're very pleased that Peter and Beth Lang provide us with maple syrup from their nearby sugar house in the Berkshires. It's as good as it comes, we promise. 


And enjoy a Wrapple and a cup of coffee together. WRAPPLES ARE WONDERFUL! and so are ROLLUPS. Freshly peeled apples, sugar and spice, all rolled up in hand made crust... Wrapples are the most popular pastries we make. Our new baker Debby made these Wrapples, and they're just plain super. Our bakers also make fruit-filled Rollups: Shown here are blueberry, lemon, chocolate-raspberry, and apricot. Talk about good eating! You can see the many steps needed to make Wrapples in our HOME MADE BREADS page.        

         WRAPPLES REALLY ARE WONDERFUL                                    ROLLUPS ARE FANTASTIC

Our sister store, HUNTINGTON COUNTRY STORE, also makes Wrapples and Rollups, and all sorts of other delicious home made baked goods. The Country Store also has a myriad gifts, specialty foods, and loads of rich, fresh ice cream. The store is on Route 112, next to Gateway Regional School, about one mile north of Route 20. It's well worth a visit.      

If you tried "meetmeinwilliamsburg.com", you find yourself at the General Store web site. Well, that's because the General Store is a great place to meet someone. Not only that "meetmeinwilliamsburg" is our idea and we connected it to our web site. If you're of a mind to quibble about something, ask a searching question, or share some sage advice, the best place to get in touch is This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it You'll find more info in the CONTACT US section in the list at left. We'd love to hear from you.

BEFORE MOVING ON... Please save a moment or two to look at "OUR FAVORITE MERCHANDISE". Click on the the top item in the column to the left. We think you'll enjoy the photo tour.


         And while you're here!

Everything is made from scratch right here at the store. Our bakers show how it's done on our Home Made Breads page 


"Meet me in Williamsburg."  Our customers often meet their friends or family at the General Store. Hugs and kisses follow, along with comments like "It's been such a long time." or to youngters "How you've grown!" They may stay and talk awhile, pick up a loaf of home made bread or pastry, or even walk across the street to the Big Mamou New Oleans-style restaurant or up the sidewalk to the mid-1800's decorated Brew Masters Tavern - both excellent places to dine and visit.

A nice warm hug.  Shopping at the Williamsburg General Store feels as friendly as the nice, warm hug from a good friend. If you’ve watched our slide show (above) you’ve seen many of our welcoming employees and just a tiny sample of our incredibly vast and varied merchandise. There are lots more words and pictures in our web site, so please take a look.

 Summer is a special time to visit the Wiliamsburg General Store. Gourmet ice coffee is always on and our bakers turn out wonderful, home-made goodies every day of the week. We really do have more than 100,000 gifts, gadgets, and goodies. You can see some of these in the slide show at the top of our web site. When you're here you'll also meet our wonderful employees in real life. They're all here to make your summertime visit a lot of fun. We have loads of stuff for youngsters and they are most welcome to come and help you shop.

 ...step inside. Your eyes open wide... you breathe deeply... and you softly say “WOW!” That’s a common response from folks who step into the General Store for the first time - and even the second time or third! It’s a wonder that such a sense-exciting store exists, and that it’s right here in Williamsburg, Massachusetts. But how are we going to present it all on a web site? We can’t, really, not ALL of it.

The General Store’s symphony of scents and sights and sounds is like no other on this Earth! To be honest, it can only be experienced in person - only hinted at on line.  We hope that the web pages we’ve put together will give you an idea of what awaits you. We’ve snapped pictures of our merchandise right on our shelves, oftimes with an employee showing it. And yes, our employees really do smile a lot. You’ll learn lots more as you explore our web site, and we’d love for you to one day visit our store in person. our Facebook pizza recipe